The 2016 Shane McConkey EcoChallenge Winners are:

1st Place: Rubbish Redemption: This Project Isn’t Trash

Rowland Hall St. Mark’s, Salt Lake City, Utah

Participants: Cindy Shen, Alicia Lu, Hailey Hauck, Caroline Applegate, Ella Vitek, Rose Locke, Stephen Jenny, Samantha Lehman, Ella Houden, Lily Scaife, Samantha Paisley, Maddy Frech, Daniel Carlebach, Shreya Reddy, Sophie Kingsbury Lee, Remy Michelson, Julien Markewitz

Project: Our project promotes waste consciousness within our school’s community, educating the entire Rowland Hall middle school student body and faculty on the subject of recycling and waste consumption and making us all more aware of what we use each day. We held a waste-collection contest between grades 6, 7, & 8 and collected over 10 large trash bags (equivalent to over 1000 gallons) of dry nonrecyclables over the duration of about one month. With the waste collected, we are building eco-bricks which we will use to create a bench around a tree with exposed eco-bricks to generate further waste-consumption awareness.

2nd Place: Trash Busters

Sierra Expeditionary Learning School, SELS, Truckee, California

Participants: Kellen Gallaher, Jesse Preaseau,Max Cherneff, Mace Cook, Marion Snideman, Leo Long, Ethan Ferrera, Keira Scott, Dylan Riley, Alana Hansen
Project: Our group met with Morgan Goodwin, the vice mayor of Truckee, and we learned that we could go into an area in Truckee, pick up all the trash in that area, flatten it, then measure out how many square feet there were. If there were less than four square feet per acre, then that area could be labelled as ‘good’. Our plan went into action and we first cleaned our Field of Dreams at our school. We measured the area and then picked up trash. We found 3 square yards of trash! This inspired us and we decided to implement an all school clean up day. We assigned crews/classes to an area at our school to clean and together we cleaned up our school premises. We also wanted to do something for the town, so we went downtown to the train depot and cleaned up the parking lot and green tubes. We gathered 6 pounds of trash! We plan to create a slideshow that will promote awareness about the trash problem.

3rd Place: Garbology: 101

Acorn Learning Center, Twin Falls, Idaho

Participants: Hailey Andrus, Izzy Andrus, Cassie Campbell, Quinn Campbell, Audrey Daisher, Dorothy Daisher, Logan Fechner, Emma Floyd, Camilla Ippolito, Kaya Mayes, Lilly Peterson, Vivian Peterson, Brady Shill, Charlie Thiel. Teachers Nikki Daisher, Tiffany Mayes, Chris Mannen
Project: We used the basic concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to decrease the amount of waste we had to throw in the trash, ultimately ending up in a landfill. We presented to the kindergarten in our school, sent home informative papers to the parents, created a Garbology 101 slide show to share on our social media and made reusable sandwich wraps. We now have a permanent set up for reducing garbage from our lunches at school!

Runner Up:

Kings Beach Elementary School, Kings Beach, California
Team Name: Pollution Patrollers
Participants: Avery, Rowan, Cass, Logan, Owen, Julian, Alden, Grant, Dexter, Storm, Ella, Zoe, Dawna, Mahana, Hannah, Olive, Pearl, Renata, Eva, Jack, Bridger, Keb, Beck and Seth

Honorable Mentions:

SWEP, North Tahoe, California
Team Name: Green Team & Eco-Action Club

Participants: Lucy Tieslau, Alana Hendricks, Milena LaForest, Daniella Juvenal, Ginny Gibeaut, Adamari Sosa, Kaileigh Ogilvy, Gavin Green, Liv Casey, Nina Lane, Ella Hennessey, Hailey Hirsh, Ayla McConkey, Lucia Sherman, Ellery Manning, Jule McAndrews, Rayna McAndrews, Sylvain Fritsch, Stephanie Gamez, Zara Arington, WIley Phillips, Kai Murnane, Kalena Steves, Keadle Verkler, Aurora Shoemaker, Jazmin Juarez, Jett Neuwanswander, Taylor Hamm

Kindred Art and Folk Institute, Truckee, California
Team Name: Kindred

Participants: Rowan Bohnet, Jill Booth, Millie LaForest, Emily Holbrook,
Bryce Manning, Ellery Manning, Hayden McJunkin, Sasha Penwarden, Kiely Rodni,
Lucia Sherman, Madison Wedman, Bennett Mitchell, Maya Shaw, Mag Larson, Charlotte and Michelle.

Congratulations to all the teams who entered the 2016 Shane McConkey EcoChallenge. You are all eco-heroes!

Our 2015 EcoChallenge Winners!

1st Place: Project H20: Operation Flush.

Sierra Expeditionary Learning School (SELS). Truckee, California.

Installing low flush toilets and automatic sinks in their school’s bathrooms.

2nd place: Mighty Mustangs.

CK Burns School. Saco, Maine.

Banning Styrofoam lunch trays throughout the entire Saco School District on early release days.

3rd place: Team ULS.

University of Leggitt School. Grosse Point Woods, Michigan.

Implementing McConkey Meatless Mondays in their school’s cafeteria.

Runner up: Pyramid Peak Crew.
Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA). Tahoe Vista, California.

Creating reusable snack bags for sale-donating profits to local non-profit organizations: The Pet Network & The Sugar Pine Foundation.

Runner up: RetroFit.
Vail Ski Snowboard Academy. Vail, Colorado.

RetroFit their school’s lighting system to a more efficient one.

Thank you all for taking such good care of our planet!