Prep Your Team for the 2018 Shane McConkey EcoChallenge.

Entry is simple.

1. Create an eco-team of kids with an adult advisor.

2. Identify an environmental problem in your school or community.

3. Problem solve and then implement a solution.

4. Document your findings and enter your results in our project report.

It’s really that easy.

Submit your project report via our website by April 4, 2018. Our judges will review all the entries and the winners and runners up will be announced on Earth Day 2018!

Need ideas? Past entrants have undertaken the following …

Installed low-flow faucets and toilets, implemented McConkey Meatless Mondays, eliminated styrofoam from their cafeteria, held recycling contest between grade levels. We want you to be creative with your projects. What change can your team make?

You have one life, live it. We have one world, protect it.

Please email us if you have any questions!

Thank you,
The Shane McConkey Foundation



1. Each team should have a name and have an adult advisor.

2. Adult advisors will register with their teams via email to

3. Original project must be completed and submitted by April 4, 2018. Winners will be announced via email and online by 5pm on Earth Day 2018.

4. Teams should not spend more than $500 on their projects.

5. All applications must be completed in full to be considered for the Shane McConkey Eco Challenge.


Each project will be awarded a total score out of 20. Each category will receive a score of 1-5 considering the scope of Meeting Requirements and Expectations.

A score of 5 represents being Above and Beyond Meeting Requirements and Expectations.

A score of 3 represents Meets Requirements and Expectations.

A score of 1 represents Does Not Meet Requirements and Expectations.

Environmental Impact

How does your project combat climate change?


How does your project promote education and awareness about climate change?


How clever is your chosen solution to fight climate change in your school?


Were the results of your completed project successful?


First Place receives $8,000

Second Place receives $4,000

Third Place receives $3,000


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